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Let’s Dance!!! - Dyvyne TV

Let’s Dance!!!


When I think of dancing, well, shaking that “groove thang” about the dance floor wildly comes to mind. Imagine and laugh here please, its okay, I’ll afford you a moment to envision that and chuckle it right up! After your done though, picture the elegance of Waltz, and perhaps the timed give and take of leading and being lead in a ballroom setting filled with soft lighting. So many styles of dance exist, and the opportunity to experience a few lessons in a controlled environment with skilled instructors, is exactly what I found at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. The opulence and grace exuded by instructors Bailey and Ryan are a treat to behold once they connect and the music starts to flow. This duo creates an electric energy that fills the room with their beautiful smiles as they spin, turn, and dip.  Charismatic and complimentary to one another, they’d win every competition if I were only judge on the panel EVERYWHERE they performed, so I guess its only fair that I am not.


When interacting with Bailey, you get a fun bubbly personality over a tantalizing raspy voice. A blonde haired doll she is indeed and very shapely and toned due to years perfecting her craft. Dancing since she was 2 years old she has experience in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Tap & Flamenco. Her ability to deep stare, while ever so focused on timing and choreography, exudes her sensual side speaking sheer passion in all the right places. A take charge kind of girl with the ability to let the male dominate when necessary.

Ryan’s tall slender frame and masculine stride captivates the ladies easily. Watching him move around the floor is not hard at all given his “Ambercrombie model” good looks. Women of all ages are willing to be lead by him and his fun loving and energetic personality add so much to each lesson he gives. His ability to put his student first, making her feel sexy and submissive, in addition to ensuring she walks away feeling accomplished in learning is a real gift. He always goes the extra mile with his assertive nature and the staff, fellow instructors, and clients love him.


Having watched them you can tell they have not only worked but competed together for quite some time. Their goals include traveling, competing more and continuing to enrich the lives of others through dancing. You see, its more than moving about the dance floor for the various instructors at the studio. Its  about helping couples fall in love again, stroke victims learn to balance and control their body movements again, preparing wedding couples for their first dance, and helping the social introvert develop skills to assist them in being out in the crowd; its about preparing the widow/widower with the tools to get back in the game of life.


My lessons were fun, opening me up to a whole other world of dance styles. I plan to continue taking them, and encourage you to try something new as well.

(Photos Courtesy Bailey/Ryan Arthur Murray Dance Studio)

Story by LaNelle Renfro

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